Power Plus Switchgear established quality policy and it is communicated across the organization. We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the documented and established Quality Management System and the objectives of an organization are documented as Quality Objectives of the organization.

The documented and established quality policy is corresponded across all levels of the organization by conducting meetings, displaying at appropriate places, imparting training to all staff to ensure that staff understands and adhere to the quality policy.

Management reviews (subjected to revision whenever needed) the quality policy and quality objectives for ensuring the continuing suitability & effectiveness of the established Quality Management System and the changing needs of market.

Top management has defined a quality policy for the organization, which is considered as a benchmark to provide quality service to the customers.

Management ensures' that all the employees whose work affects the quality of the service understands the "Quality Policy" of the organization and are committed towards it.

Quality policy is periodically reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability with the organizational needs and the changing environment.